Friday, 28 June 2013

Baudelaire Boutique - new additions

We made more! The following are now available at Cardiff Fashion Quarter, and also at my newly established Etsy shop. These babies are all designed and handmade by mother dearest and myself in her kitchen from upcycled curtain and pillowcase material. Don't worry, we washed them first. For these ones in particular, I was inspired by simple 90's silhouettes (predictable, I know, but my brain doesn't do flouncy), the collection of Monet's Waterlilies at the Cardiff Museum - whenever I get a spare minute I duck into the echoey galleries to see them - and the floaty, girly wardrobes of a few of my closest lady-friends. What do you think? Are they wearable? Or a little bit too saccharine sweet?

 'Melissa' shift dress, upcycled one-off, size 10, £25
 'Melissa' tunic, upcycled one-off, size 8, £18
 'Monet' floral brush-stroke midi dress, upcycled one-off, size 12, £30
 Tropical flora upcycled skirt, size 14, £15

Also, lovely Mark of Dark Mavis fame got me a mannequin to dress. What a G-Unit! Tata for now.

Betti Baudelaire xxx

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  1. frigging love your little collection of clothes! I would literally never buy any clothes and be a right old hippy and just make everything from rugs and curtains and anything else!

    I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY! Happy belated to you, I do still have that little present for you sat awaiting my arrival to your area! That can be your present ;)

    I appear to have missed a lot! PURPLE HAIR! LAV IT! and that birthday suit (lol) is amazing! you rocked it well with the converse!

    Much love my blogging buddy!

    Look forward to seeing you soon!